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Doulas of Lima was established in 2017 by an eager Mama who desired to help other Mamas feel empowered by their birthing experience.  Sarah Creighton completed training through ProDoula in May 2016 and from that point forward the goal was to bring Professional Birth Support to the families in Lima, Ohio and the greater surrounding areas.  

Sarah Creighton never intended to do this work alone and after some searching in 2017 Sarah found Sarah Stover from Intuitions Doula Services right here in Lima. Sarah Stover completed her training  through DONA International and had been practicing solo.  When Sarah Creighton reached out we set up a meeting and at the very first meeting we both instantly knew - "this is it, this is gonna work."  Being solo as a Labor Doula is hard, super hard, and Sarah did amazing work but was ready for a partner.  We spent the year getting to know each other and our professional styles. Then also began seeing clients together and in the beginning of 2018 after 5 years of solo practice, Sarah Stover officially joined Doulas of Lima, LLC as the Co-Owner. Sarah Creighton was elated, her vision for DOL was beginning to take form. 

So, Yes, we are both Sarahs and yes, we love it! We are excited to build up the women and birthing families in and around Lima, Ohio. \

We are better together!

The mission of Doulas of Lima is to serve women throughout their pregnancy, labor, delivery and beyond; to bring unconditional encouragement, non-judgmental support and evidence based information to each and every mom we come in contact with as she prepares for her new baby. We will support all types of births, from medically assisted home births to a scheduled cesareans. DOL is working to bring an awareness to the Greater Lima area about Doulas and how birth support impacts women, partners and families to its deepest core. We intend to continue to empowering more and more families, which will increase positive emotional and physical outcomes during pregnancy and following the birth for everyone involved.

Things are on a roll right now for Doulas of Lima, including meeting with local businesses, visiting OBGYN offices and our area hospital baby centers to educate more and more people about what a Doula is and how by having Doulas in Lima we can together bring about a significant increase in birth outcomes and patient satisfaction. This is directly impacted by how supported the birthing mother feels throughout her pregnancy and delivery.We have built and will continue to build strong relationships with the OBGYN offices and medical staff in this area.  We are also working to organize collaboration within the birth professional community, a "task-force" of sorts, including Chiropractors, Pediatricians, Holistic Professionals, Photographers, Nurses, Midwives, Doctors, Lactation Consultants, Massage Therapists, and more.  When you are on a team, the mother knows she is in good hands and is free to make safe and educated decisions based on what she feels is best.   

 As you consider hiring a Doula for your labor and delivery, we hope you will consider us here at Doulas of Lima, LLC. We would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you and we are looking forward to talking with you and meeting you!

Contact us any way, any time!

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