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Coronavirus Response and Support Effort

Doulas of Lima, LLC will respect any requests to change in person visits to virtual appointments.

Doulas of Lima, LLC reserves the right to change appointments to virtual appointments in the event that there is increased risk to their own family.

Doulas of Lima, LLC will participate in any safety regulations your family prefers, including the wearing masks, six feet of distancing, and wearing                        gloves (if provided).  

  • If there are other requests let us know and they will be considered, as we respect that everyone has their own values and guidelines that they are following at this time.

Doulas of Lima, LLC will follow all guidelines put in place by your chosen hospital.

Doulas of Lima, LLC will continue to support homebirths, given that a certified midwife will be attending. If you have questions about this or needs                    recommendations please feel free to reach out to us individually. 

Doulas of Lima, LLC is committed to health and safety and we will be doing the following as well as following Ohio Laws:

  •  Take our temperature prior to your scheduled appointments and birth.
  •  Wash our hands upon arrival to your home for appointments.
  •  We ask that the mother and partner also wash their hands prior to our arrival AND sanitize any area we will be meeting in (including but not limited to doorknobs and table surfaces).
  •  Continue to ask permission before any physical contact is made during appointments.
  •  Wash our hands every time we enter the labor room having been outside the room.

Doulas of Lima, LLC will inform the mother and partner if they have been in contact with anyone who has or had the virus or if they themselves have                been sick.   If BOTH doulas would be unable to attend the birth due to hospital restrictions or being sick with the Coronavirus, AND virtual/phone            support is not requested for the labor, the hospital portion of package cost will be refunded.

  •  If this should happen, the doula will give you information for our backup doula.

Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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