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Individual Services

All consultations are free of charge. We'd love t​o meet you and tell you more about how we would serve you!

Private Childbirth Classes 

Sarah Stover is trained and certified by Lamaze International as a Childbirth educator, and provides private, individualized coverage of the full Lamaze curriculum in the comfort of your own home. 

This services is available in two 3 hour sessions or three 2 hour sessions. 

This service costs: $300

Nesting Preparation Services

Getting ready for baby?  So many things on your "to do" list? 

Let us help!  We can provide organization, cleaning, meal planning, and general preparations for baby all within your own home. 

So, if the list is too long or you'd just rather have another pair of hands to make the tasks lighter, give us a call. 

This service costs $30 per hour with a minimum of 9 contracted hours to be used in 3 hour or more increments.

Postpartum Support

Every parent wants to be able do it all- keep the house clean, get groceries, cook the meals, get sleep and maintain healthy relationships with others in the home, all while taking care of a new born baby. In our experience, having a newborn trumps all those things and it gets overwhelming.  Feeling like nothing is "getting done" around the house or everything is not working is normal and yet so hard. Let us help put your mind at ease and support you while you are doing the most important thing of all, caring for your newest bundle of joy and tending to your relatonships. 

This service costs $30 per hour with a minimum of 9 contracted hours to be used in 3 hour or more increments. 

Breastfeeding Support

This service includes one additional two hour appointment, either prior to or following the birth, to assist with breastfeeding tips, establishment, and support.  Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement and other times it takes a lot of work- breastfeeding isn't easy, any routine of feeding isn't easy and ever-changing, so let us help you feel like a pro and get your little one the nourishment it needs and you, the support your looking for. 

This service costs $75 with Birth Support

This service is A la Carte without Deluxe Package.

A la Carte Classes

Not sure you need a Doula, but interested in some evidence based prenatal education? 

We offer personalized, in home classes for you and your labor partner tailor made to your specific concerns and interests. We can help you you: practice breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques, learn the best physiological positions for pain relief during labor and efficiency during delivery, discuss the pros and cons of many common medical interventions, and help your partner with hands on techniques to support you during birth. New to newborns? We are also happy to help you with all the basics of baby care, including diapering and bathing, swaddling, safe sleeping, breast or bottle feeding, etc. 

Each class is about 1.5 hours.

This service costs $125 per session or bundle 3 classes for $300

Gift Certificates 

At Doulas of Lima we believe we can help your family or friend have the birth they want and feel good about the process. If you are thinking of gifting this services to them, it would be an honor. 

 Just give us a call and we will work out the details of your individual gift.  

From one Dad to the next...

The Doulas not only put my mind at ease by being the presence there for my wife, but also by keeping me calm and informed about every step of the way. […] It was a world class experience I strongly encourage all parents to encounter, and I will most definitely be using a doula for all of our future children. Love the Sarah's!

~Luke, a first time father.




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