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I can't wait to meet you!  ~Sarah

My name is Sarah Anna Creighton. My journey into Doula-ing has been a long time coming and after the the birth of my second son, I decided to pursue becoming a Doula. I am PC Doula through ProDoula out of New York. and I am looking forward to growing the awareness of Professional Birth Support throughout the Greater Lima area.  I believe there is a great need for non-judgmental support for pregnant women in our area (and everywhere) and I am excited and ready to empower! I have worked as a Crisis Social Worker throughout my career which began in 2007, encouraging and supporting others during all stages of life, through happiness and grief, in crisis and in celebration -  so whether you are just beginning your pregnancy or about to go into labor, I'd be honored to have the opportunity to serve you.  I am dedicated to supporting and empowering you through the birth of your newest family member. I am looking forward to talking with you, meeting you and working with you! 

     My name is Sarah Beth Stover, I have always had a deep interest in pregnancy and birth, and my own experiences with my four children's births only confirmed that passion. Having had a doula to support my family during my last three pregnancies, I found myself drawn to work in the field myself once my youngest was born. I am trained and certified through DONA Int. and am also trained in childbirth education through Lamaze. Since 2012, I have worked as a birth Doula and prenatal educator throughout the Lima and Allen county areas. Working together with partners, families and care providers to offer local moms the best and most thorough support throughout their pregnancies and deliveries is my passion! I believe every birth is as unique as every mother, and I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my clients and supporting them in their own specific needs and desires throughout their birth experience.




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