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All consultations are free of charge. We'd love t​o meet you and tell you more about how we would serve you!

Birth Sup​port

Following the consultation, this services allows you to secure your estimated due date on our calendar and we will be your Doula at your birth. We will meet you at the hospital, supporting you and your partner throughout it all as you welcome your little one. We will help you navigate any changes or bumps along the way, all the while providing knowledge, empowerment, respect and inspiration. 

We will provide phone support for two weeks prior to your birth and postnatal phone support for one week following your birth. 

The service costs $750.

Pregnancy & Birth Support

This service includes two individualized prenatal appointments in the comfort of your own home, unlimited consultation via phone, text, email.  Labor and birth Support throughout the birth of your baby, phone support postnatal for two weeks and one in home postnatal appointment to empower your transition at home to be successful. 

The service costs $950.

Gift Certificates 

At Doulas of Lima we believe we can help your family or friend have the birth they want and feel good about the process. If you are thinking of gifting this services to them, it would be an honor. 

 Just give us a call and we will work out the details of your individual gift.  




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