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Hiring a doula is all about you- your pregnancy, your birth, your experience. It's about fulfilling your desire for the birth you want.  We will work through your thoughts, minimize your fears, embrace your preferences and address your concerns as you journey into parenthood.

We are here to offer non-judgmental support for you while pregnant and as you first embrace your sweet baby.  We want to empower you with evidence based information and continuous support as you find your strength and as you assert your wishes for your labor and delivery. 

We serve all women- unconditionally. We seek to embrace your birth plan with you and your partner to help you stay focused, informed, and relaxed all the way through your pregnancy and birth. We will be with you and walk beside you every step of the way.

We will also be there for your partner and family; we will be able to assist them in any way needed, including empowering them to have the best experience they can have as well. Often the partners of birthing Mothers become our biggest fans.  

We will even be with you in the moments after birth as you begin to bond with your baby and once you return home.

You are amazing, special and important.  You are strong and brave.

We would be honored to serve you and your family.

What our customers are saying

Sarah is such an inspiration. She's an amazing spiritual rock and is the only one I would want by my side for an incredible and empowering birthing experience.

~ Anca Q.




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